1stdibs Unique Art Deco Clutch tQttVXTp9C

1stdibs Unique Art Deco Clutch tQttVXTp9C
1stdibs Unique Art Deco Clutch
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Nadine says

I give this 10 stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Abby says

Thank you for this! Made a caramel frap, and it came out great. 🙂

Bisuzs Coffee says

Awesome recipe, loving the aroma of the coffee so much 🙂

Matchaccino says

Try some Matcha for your frappe and latte. Im sure you will like it as well, Your espresso machine can make a good matchaccino with a lot of health benefits.

Bob says

Hi my name is bob

Smart lady you are, the picture looks awesome! I want one now and my daughter too! I don’t have an espresso machine, but buy the strong dark roast coffee and just add double the amount to my coffee maker. Then follow your recipe with milk and/or flavorings. Now I will put a crazy twist on this whole project my blender broke, so to get crushed ice I used our margarita machine, which makes it almost into a power form of ice. Hey girls can improvise, right? We can change our minds! Well, let me tell you it worked, but I did do double duty cleaning (a preventative) to remove any coffee smell from the pitcher. I just wanted to be sure our next mixed drink would not have a coffee smell.

Brooke says

Detecting Landmines ERW
Detecting Tubercuosis

For 20 years APOPO's scent detection rats have been detecting landmines and tuberculosis

The problem

Over 60 countries are contaminated with hidden landmines and other explosive remnants of war, that cause tragic accidents and hamper communities from developing their productive land.

Meanwhile, slow and inaccurate detection methods make tuberculosis the world’s most deadly infectious disease. 10 million new people contract TB every year, 3 million go undiagnosed, and 1.8 million die from the disease.

The solution

The APOPO scent detection rats, nicknamed 'HeroRATs',help to rid the world of landmines and tuberculosis –returning safe land back to communities for development, and freeing people from serious illness so they can get back on their feet.

Miriam's father Zito was forced to work in a field he suspected to contain landmines so he could feed his family.One day he hit a mine with his hoe...and survived!

Continue reading

Six year old Claudi was very sick. His local clinic didn't know why. Read how APOPO identified his TB.

Claudi's story

"When I was playing in my fathers fields I climbed a tree to hide from my brother. When I looked down I saw a strange metal thing sticking up from the roots..."

Continue reading

News and articles

What's happening at APOPO

South African Parliament encounter the HeroRATs

South African MPs visit APOPO Tanzania

Lessons Learned at APOPO

| by Kate Sears-Webb

APOPO's Researcher Kate reflects on her time in Morogoro

New Angola landmine rats – refresher training

Update on rat reinforcements in Angola.

HDIF Innovation Week 2018

HDIF Innovation week May 21st-26th

Life Science Career Day at Lausanne University

| by Anna Bouchier

APOPO's Dr. Lena Fiebig gives keynote speech at Lausanne University.

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