Anthology Tortoise Shell Box Clutch Bag qF8MROL

Anthology Tortoise Shell Box Clutch Bag qF8MROL
Anthology Tortoise Shell Box Clutch Bag




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What happened in 2017

About Schleck Gran Fondo

The Schleck Gran Fondo is a Cyclosportive event. It will be held in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg, on . The Schleck Gran Fondo is a road race with two distances. The cyclosportive event is on the Luxembourg Cycling Federation’s national calendar and it is open to licensed and non-licensed riders. The event is organized by Schleck X-Perience in cooperation with the cycling club ACC Contern.












Short Distance


Long Distance

Latest News

23/05/2018 in
L’Administration Communale de Mondorf-les-Bains a l’honneur et le plaisir de vous informer que la manifestation « GRAN FONDO SCHLECK 2018 » aura lieu samedi, le 26 mai 2018 et que la manifestation sera organisée dans l’av. Fr. Clément et sur le territoire de la commune de Mondorf-les-Bains. Cette grande manifestation engendrera ...
20/05/2018 in
May 2018. La Vélosophe Cyclist Beer est Partenaire Officiel pour le Schleck Gran Fondo, qui a lieu le 26 mai 2018 à Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg. Le lien entre des événements sportifs exceptionnels, les meilleures équipes cyclistes et la marque Vélosophe se renforce chaque année. Fränk Schleck et son équipe font confiance à la Vélosophe en tant...
18/05/2018 in
NUTRIXXION again this year! After a very successful premiere in 2017, the premium sports nutrition manufacturer NUTRIXXION will once again be a nutritional sponsor at Schleck Gran Fondo 2018 this year. Whether energy gels, protein bars or isodrinks, the NUTRIXXION product range offers you the optimum product for every phase of the competition or tr...
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Coffee break in #thionville #cycling #bike #fra VIDA Statement Clutch Flowing Waters by VIDA Dbu4ns

Imagine no longer holding the expectations of what it means to be a mother. This has revolutionised my world and has helped me drop so much self imposed and harmful guilt and be my type of mum that works for me, my boy and my husband. The relief on this one is HUGE.

Imagine no longer holding the expectation that how I’ll spend my working time today is the same as how I will spend it tomorrow. It evolves over time.

Imagine no longer expecting others to behave as I would behave or as I want them to. This doesn’t mean that I allow them to take advantage of me. It simply means that I don’t engage so deeply in feeling disappointed. I’m able to speak my truths better because they’re not tainted by my emotions.

Imagine no longer having expectations on who I’m meant to be in this world. For me, a lot of this is wrapped up in my expectation of being a ‘good girl’ which has been a huge, pervasive force in my life.

And, imagine no longer holding the expectation that I will get it right all the time.

These are deep expectations which have been built up in me for many years.

It’s simply not helpful to hold the expectation that I will be able to drop my expectations all the time either.

However, there are many areas in my life where I have commitments which I intend to keep. Picking my son up from childcare on ‘my pickup day’ is one of these – not because it’s my role as his mum, but because it is what I want to do. Now, this could change and my husband and I could talk about it and make a different decision as to what will work best for us – but as it stands, this is right for us now.

I believe our internal world as well as our external world would be a much kinder place to live in if we loosened the grip on our expectations. If we lived less in our minds and more from our intuition. If we took each moment, and each day, as it comes with a loose sense of what are intentions are – knowing, on this beautiful and messy journey called life, anything can change .

True Living

notes from my home and my heart


I work with those who are ready to uncover their true self and bring it fully to their life and their work. Here I share wisdom, truths and inspiration with the hope of deeply connecting with you on your journey home to your truest self. VIDA Leather Statement Clutch Blue/Green Clutch 2 by VIDA N6RieB0ET

notes from my homeand my heart

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Healthy Skillet Salsa Chicken! Loaded with protein, veggies flavor, this super easy 15 minute dinner is a family favorite. Serve over lettuce with rice or quinoa, or cauliflower rice for Paleo. Gluten Free + Low Calorie + Paleo

You’re walking so well now. ” That’s what one of the guys at the gym told me the other day. For years I’ve had a horrible limp from Charles amp; Keith Top Zip Sling Bag pD9d1sA
.I guess I never realized how visible it was to other people.Sometimes we become blind to our own deficiencies.

It’s been almost a year (September 23rd) since my hip replacement and I can tell a huge difference in my leg. More mobility, stability and overall better function. I’m also working on it constantly at the gym. Lunges, squats, steps ups, banded walks. Anything I can do to wake up the muscles in that leg that have been basically dead for 18 years.

Having someone tell me they noticed I’m not limping and walking better was huge. I suddenly felt like all the work I’ve been doing these months FINALLY paid off, and grateful for the doctors and therapists who got me back to this place. A place where I’m better, stronger and happier!

My life is so different now. I used to be able to only shoot one recipe a day because my hip would hurt. Now I can be on my feet for hours without a problem. That’s not to say I still don’t look for shortcuts in the kitchen and make quick and easy recipes like this 15 minute Skillet Salsa Chicken.

This dinner was a throw together one I made for me and the guy a few weeks ago. This month’s been crazy busy and I needed a few go to summer meals I could make in a hurry. This Skillet Salsa Chicken gets the job done! Packed with protein, veggies and so much flavor.

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